Lead Bitcoin Expert

Mitch eats, breathes, and sleeps Bitcoin. A former CPA turned entrepreneur, Mitch scored in the top 0.06% of all CPA exam takers in 2016, receiving the Elijah Watt Sells Award. After working two years in business tax / mergers & acquisitions at KPMG, he started his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding an online retail business in 2018, which grew to a seven-figure business just two years later. He also co-runs a spreadsheet consulting side hustle.

Mitch is a proud graduate of the Real World Risk Institute, taught by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author of The Incerto), as well as the altMBA, taught by Seth Godin (author of Linchpin and many other bestsellers). Taleb's work has provided him with a strong foundation in understanding asymmetries, exponentials, and complex systems - all of which are core pieces of what makes Bitcoin such a profound (and difficult to understand) asset class.

Over the years, he's become increasingly interested in the Bitcoin space. After spending countless hours reading Bitcoin books, listening to Bitcoin podcasts, and discussing Bitcoin investment theses, he decided to help others learn, buy, hold, and secure Bitcoin. He is also a featured writer for Bitcoin Magazine.